In Honor of All Mothers

By: Joey Uva

It’s Sunday morning.  It’s Mother’s Day.   Trevor left for work already; he gave all the mothers the day off so they could enjoy their special day.   I have spoken to my mother, Trevor’s step-mother, and left messages for our sisters-in-law –they are amazing mothers.

I have to say, this morning I find myself stuck in sorrow as I think about one mother in particular.  Much the way men do, I have to keep to myself about my sadness and cry when I am alone.  The mother I am speaking of is a very private person, so without details or particulars, this is to remember her and mothers much like her.  This young lady is someone who has helped teach me to be a better father.   She is beautiful, strong, and has become an amazing woman.

This young woman became a mother for the first time last week.   She experienced the miracle of having another life grow inside her much the same as many other mothers.   The one difference is that her son was born and died on the same day.  He survived less than ninety minutes in this world.  I have heard it said that when a child is born, a mother is created.  I am not sure how a mother handles the emotions of birth and death at the same time.  Being a man, I can’t even begin to speak to this.   As a father, just thinking about it gives me a heavy heart and brings tears to my eyes.

Yesterday, they held a memorial service.   And now, today is Mother’s Day.

During Mother’s Day we celebrate and praise those mothers who have endured sleepless nights, 2am feedings, diaper changes, temper tantrums, and the rearing of children that all lead moms to be tired, worn-out, and yet still with the strength to push forward.  I think it’s important that we celebrate and praise these mothers.

Today, I want to take a moment to celebrate and praise the mothers who have had to endure the hardest and most challenging thing a mother might ever have to go through.   To all those mothers who have had to let go of some part of their self way to soon.  To those mothers who have endured the sorrow and pain of losing a child, you too are honored.

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