Girls’ Weekend

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By: Tanya Dodd-Hise

Lesbian falls in love with a straight girl

Several weeks passed, and we were into July 2008.  As much as I wanted to fight my attractions towards Erikka, I couldn’t help it – I thought about her ALL the time.  I wondered, in my heart, if things would change with her situation, but knew, in my head, that it was unlikely to happen any time in my near future.  But even knowing all of that, I lived on the excitement of the flirting text messages and online chat!  Holly and Erikka had started planning our first ever Girls’ Weekend, and we all spent weeks in anticipation for July 18th and an entire 48 hours away from our normal, everyday lives.

Thursday afternoon I packed my duffle bag and picked out my clothes for our weekend of pure female bonding.  I went to work on Friday, knowing that the boys would be picked up by their dad after school, and after work I was free until Sunday evening to just go, say, and do whatever.  The day seemed to last forever, but ohhhh let me tell you – when I walked out of my office and headed to Holly’s house, there was such a buzz of excitement surrounding me in my Jeep the whole way there!  It was like I couldn’t get there fast enough, because I KNEW that I would soon get to spend time with Errika.  I felt like a giddy little school girl when I pulled up and saw that her SUV was already there!  I grabbed my stuff and practically raced inside, dropping it all in one of the bedrooms, where I would later get ready.  We had a fun evening planned for our kickoff to Girls’ Weekend:  dinner at Trinity Hall (an Irish pub in Dallas), and then a late night showing of The Lollie Bombs, a local Burlesque troop.  I was looking forward to it on so many levels, because I had never been to a burlesque show and had no idea what to expect; but more importantly, because no matter what this weekend meant to anyone else, I was looking at it as my first “date” with Erikka.

Shortly after arriving and getting through all of the initial chatting and planning out how the evening would go, we all went to separate bedrooms and bathrooms to make ourselves beautiful.  The girls were dressing up in nice dresses and heels, while I was planning on wearing a black suit with a pink button-up shirt and a beautiful pink and grey tie –a tie that Erikka bought for me prior to that night.  I didn’t really know how to act around her, now that we were in a place where we had a little bit of freedom to be flirty if we wanted.  I must have looked, to the outside eye, like an awkward schoolboy trying to woo a pretty girl.  I showered and started to get dressed, while Erikka worked on her hair in the other bathroom.  When I came back into the bedroom for my socks and shoes – and my tie, of course – she came in to get her dress on.  She seemed kind of upset because of a phone call she had received from home, so we sat and talked and I tried to make her feel better.  Before long I was holding her hand and trying to make her smile.  After a few minutes, it was all that I could take and I couldn’t hold back any longer.  With a brush of her hair away from her face, I leaned over and slowly kissed her as gently as I could – I didn’t want to scare her off, after all!  Her eyes had gotten wide as I leaned in, but that first kiss was as amazing as I had dreamed that it would be.  A jolt went through me like electricity as our lips met for the very first time, and it was a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life.  That was the beginning of our amazing life together, THAT kiss on THAT day.  It would be the first of many, many sweet kisses, each and every one cherished and treasured.  We would spend a lot of time privately sneaking kisses over that first weekend, and neither of us knew where this was going or what it was leading to.  All I knew was that for THAT weekend, she was mine, no matter how temporary or make-believe it may have been.

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