Most Outrageous Questions from Strangers

By: Heather Somaini

I know the lovely Kelly Rummelhart recently wrote very thoughtful answers to many of the great questions she has received while being a gestational surrogate for two different sets of dads.  Many of her questions were completely legitimate, decent, smart questions that needed to be answered in the slightly new arena of surrogacy.  I love that she answered them all.

Tere and I were not so lucky.  We received dumb, ridiculous, insane questions.  Questions that make you wonder how some people function on a daily basis.  Here are our favorite exchanges with strangers…

Q: Twins?

A: Yes

Q: Two boys?  Two girls?

A: A boy and a girl.

Q: Are they identical?

A: (Quizzical look.)  Uh…not so much…

Alternate Answer: Totally, except for the penis.  (No I never actually said this.)

Q: Which one of you is the Mom?

A: We both are.

Q: Don’t you think they should have a Dad?

Q: Twins?

A: Yes.

Q: Which one of you is the Mom?

A: We both are.

Q: Wow, that’s amazing.  How did each of you have a baby at the exact same time?

A: Well, they were in the same uterus.

Q: (To Heather): How old are they?

A: 5 days.

Q: You look amazing!

A: Thank you.

While on a plane in Knoxville, TN, the gentleman across the aisle from me was doing the usual chatting and making funny faces at Free.  Tere was in the row behind us and told me she was taking Izzy to the restroom.  As she walked down the aisle, Free decided he wanted to go too and so I let him take off after her.  The gentleman across the aisle and I had the following exchange:

Him: They like being with their grandmother?

Me: Huh?

Him: (Points towards Tere): Their grandmother?

Me: Oh, no.  That’s their mother.

Him (Pause, completely confused look.): If she’s their mother, then who are you?

Me: Their other mother.  (He sat unmoving and silent staring at me.)

Me: Blows your mind, huh?

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