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I Had No Idea She Was So Stunning

By: Tanya Dodd-Hise


The next time that I saw Erikka after Holly’s housewarming party, where we all had too many shots, was probably within a few weeks at an all-adult game night.  I hadn’t really thought too much about her after the previous party, despite really enjoying the conversation that we had that night.  It was always fun to go to game night at Holly’s, and I went, not knowing who would be there or what we would play.  I knew that there would be plenty of good food and drinks to go around; and I knew that I wouldn’t be drinking nearly as much as I had at her previous get-together!

When I got there, I was surprised that the crowd was small, only five of us:  Holly, her husband Tony, their friend “C”, Erikka, and me.  Looking around the room, I remember asking where Erikka’s husband was. Someone said, “He didn’t want to come, so he stayed home with his kids.” 

There was eating, talking, laughing, drinking, and playing.  I sat at one end of the table, with C and Tony on my left, Holly at the other end, and Erikka to my right.  By now, I discovered that I was increasingly curious about her, and felt more comfortable in talking freely with her now that she was here for the evening on her own.  At one point we snuck into the kitchen to sample some of Holly’s dessert, and got “in trouble” for tasting directly from the pot where it was cooking.  Back at the table, as I watched her peel the label from her bottle of beer, I loved the smile across her face that I had seen so little of before, and I noticed that her pale blue eyes were probably the most beautiful that I had ever seen.  I’m not just saying that – her eyes were what got me and sucked me in.  Those beautiful, clear, sparkling blue eyes that reminded me of a warm summer sky.

It’s funny, when I look back on it now, how my memory fades on most of the details of the evening.  I vaguely remember the games we played, and the people who were there.  The conversations have long since slipped from the center of my mind, as have recollections of the food that we ate or drank.  I don’t remember what we were wearing, or how long we stayed that night; nor would I remember any plans that we girls would make to next get together.  What I remember the most was looking into the eyes of an amazing woman and thinking to myself, I had no idea that she was so stunning. I think I was pretty much a goner after that, because after THAT particular game night, all I could think about were those eyes.


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