The Next Sounds: The Belle Brigade

By: Sierra Drucker

Los Angeles locals The Belle Brigade are getting ready to release their stellar self-titled full-length on Reprise Records. There is a lot of buzz already circling this duo. Take a listen to the toe-tapping anthem “Where Not To Look For Freedom” to find out why.

The Belle Brigade consists of siblings Barbara and Ethan Gruska who happen to be the grandchildren of renowned composer John Williams. You might also recognize Barbara as the badass drummer behind indie pop rock sweetheart Jenny Lewis. With such talent running through their veins, these two forces combined with ease to create a solid and confident debut.

Their sound is wholesome and magnetic, centering around 70’s rock influences like Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon. The album brings a fresh take to classic rock with clean inviting production, shining melodies and honest, spirited lyrics. There are hints of Fleet Foxes in the lush folk harmonies that fill out each track. It feels young and fresh, gracefully riding the line between pop and indie.

These two are the real deal. Just check out their acoustic bathtub performance of the single “Losers.” Love the lyrics on this one.


This is definitely a CD worthy of the car ride to school, sans a couple well-placed expletives. The album will be released April 19th. Pre-order your copy through iTunes or Amazon.

You can also catch them live (in a non-bath tub setting) at the Troubadour with the one and only K.D. Lang on April 11th. No doubt, will be an amazing show.


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