Too Many Requests For This Mom

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By: Tanya Ward Goodman


For the past several weeks, we’ve been having computer problems.  Things are shutting down or demanding to be restarted with alarming regularity.  Our computer guy attributes this to something he calls “Kernel Panic.”

“It’s basically death by paper cuts,” he explained.  Apparently when the computer gets too many requests or commands and has too many internal errors, it freezes up.  The poor dear’s very kernel panics.

I understand this only too well and have come to believe that I, too, have been suffering from Kernel Panic.

My kernel is freaked out by the constant requests for cereal and milk and juice and the wondering if the lunch is packed or unpacked, if the homework is done or undone, if the dog is in (does the dog need to be out?) There’s the tower of paperwork for the refi on the house and the stack of bills that need to be paid (if only I could balance the checkbook).  There’s the box I should really get to the post office and the sweaters that need to be retrieved from the dry cleaners.  There is the need to sit down and work on my book (or even read a book).  And all of this is flowing through my brain in little short bursts that are every so often punctuated with an urgent plea for “Mommy”.  So that it goes a little like this: Dinner will be chicken-Mommy-I want juice-do we have toothpaste-Mommy-is there a reason the dog is barfing on the rug-Mommy-do we have any batteries-did you get shaving cream-Mommy-I read in the paper today-Mommy…

You get it.  I don’t need to panic your kernel.

When my computer suffers this kind of panic, it asks to be shut down.  It rests for a moment and then it restarts.  Starting today, I am going to try to do the same.



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