Exclusive Interview: A Marine Story’s Dreya Weber on Aerials, Pink, Britney, and The Dinah

By: Sarah Toce

The Seattle Lesbian caught up with A Marine Story‘s Dreya Weber when she was in town for last year’s Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Weber is preparing her aerial arrival into Palm Springs, CA for The Dinah 2011 so we thought we’d share this interview with you one more time. Enjoy!

Your incredible aerial work has been seen on the stages of concert performers like Pink, Madonna, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Cher…the list goes on and on. When did you first realize you were interested in aerial performances?

I discovered the joy of aerials on the flying trapeze in 1990 and then, over the years, I realized that I could be more expressive with other aerial apparatuses. I could integrate storytelling, dramatic arc…that kind of thing. I really enjoy imagining and designing new environments to play in when I am in the air.

Your company, Anti-Gravity, worked at the Medals Ceremony at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. We’d love to hear about that event!

I was a founding member of Anti-Gravity in 1991 and I have worked with them many times over the years as a performer, choreographer, and associate director. They were asked to create aerials to complement the opening number at the medals ceremony every night. The audience was 25,000 incredibly enthusiastic people who didn’t mind standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the freezing cold.

What were the 2010 Grammy Awards like for you? Pink was outstanding.

I had choreographed that number for the encore performance for Pink’s “Funhouse Tour”. I dreamed up that apparatus and told her that she was going to get wet at the end of the song. She was quite a sport! That performance was an amazing experience. It was live so it came with all of the risks that go along with that.

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