The Busy Surrogate Has To Let Go Of Something

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By: Kelly Rummelhart

The Next Family Surrogate has a busy schedule

So, I’ve been contemplating what I should let go of in order to give myself more time…and I am still not sure.  At the moment I know that I need to step away from one (or more) activities in order to clear more time for my family (and myself).

Of course, there are some obvious choices for things I won’t be taking a break from . . . being a mother, a wife and running my business.  The others, well . . . I don’t know!

I really enjoy teaching, so I’d hate to give that up.  Plus, I get paid well for my time and it only lasts 16 weeks a year.  Actually, my department has to cut several sections for the next year, so really, this may be the “let go” for me. I do have the highest seniority for part-timers (since I’ve taught there for 8 years) but unless I get to keep my double section (two classes in one) it won’t be worth the three hours’ per day travel time.  Only time will tell if losing my sections will lighten my load.

Another thing I don’t want to let go of is surrogacy.  I am currently in limbo because of insurance issues, so a third journey is not looking favorable.  I already had to pass on an amazing couple who was looking to expand their family through surrogacy for the second time.  Several people in my life don’t really want me to go a third time.  Of course, every time I get pregnant, there is a chance of complications and at thirty-six, I’m not getting any younger.  My doctor is okay with me doing another surrogacy but he has communicated that it would be in my best interest to only carry one fetus, if possible, this last time.  As much as I’d love to do #3, every day I become more okay with the idea that I may never be a surrogate again.

One of the ways I keep surrogacy in my life is by following several other peoples’ surrogacy blogs.  Some are written by IPs, but most are from the surrogates’ perspective.  Some of the blogs are about carrying for straight couples, some gay; there are even a few where the surrogates are lesbians (which is all kinds of awesome).  It is so interesting to read about all these journeys because each is different.  I love to support and share my own experiences as a surrogate with each blogger.  Another awesome thing is being able to relate to them, each in different ways.  It is very easy to become addicted to following surrogate blogs. If interested, you can find the list of blogs I follow on my blogger profile HERE.  Beware!  If you are anything like me, you will totally get sucked in to several of them. (Oh and when you get to the birth posts, get some Kleenex!)

I suppose this is what I can cut down on.  Not let go, but just maybe not visit them as much or only follow the ones I truly enjoy, versus following several because I want them to feel supported.  I guess that is what I will go with because I know that they know that if they need me, they know where to find me . . . at one of my many online surrogacy outlets (The Next Family, my own blogTwitter . . .that I can’t let go of, just yet).

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