Potty Training Finale

By: Brandy Black

Brandy Black potty training her daughter

I have taken a long time to write a summary to my potty training trials.  It’s been challenging, with many bumps along the way, but it is official: Sophia now not only goes pee, but has also started going poo in the potty.  The timing could not have been better on her part because this past week she was struck with a bad case of diarrhea and, although challenging to race her to a toilet every half hour, it was much better than the alternative.  Do you wonder how she made the crossover?  At what point, did she just out-of-the-blue decide to engage in a little extra pushing on the potty?  Well I must tell you that I think it may have been the book we offered her and the patience we extended.  Even though each time she decided to make this extra effort was, ironically, right before bed-time, we still gave her that half hour that she needed to make a tiny pebble-sized poo.  But over time, each night the pebble-sized poo grew until one night her poo barely fit in the precious babybjorn potty.  We celebrated –despite what people say about rewarding behavior, this was monumental for our family –and guess what?  She’s still doing it!  Sure, there are mistakes here and there but hey, doesn’t that happen to all of us from time-to-time?  So, I will be audacious enough to say it: Folks, Sophia is potty trained and it only took 3 months!

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