The Living Sisters

By: Sierra Drucker

When I came across Michel Gondry’s new video for The Living Sisters’ latest single, “How Are You Doing?” I knew it would be my first blog for The Next Family. Just a little nod to all of you superstar parents who manage to fight your way through any storm while keeping the most important things in perspective: family and friends.

The Living Sisters are Inara George (solo artist and one-half of quirky indie pop band Bird and the Bee), Eleni Mandell (acclaimed singer-songwriter), and Becky Stark (solo artist and singer for folk pop quartet Lavender Diamond ). These three lovely voices combined to create sparkling melodies and sentimental harmonies in this barbershop-inspired trio.

The Los Angeles-based group released their debut album, Love To Live, in 2010 on Vanguard. If you enjoyed the honeyed tones of “How Are You Doing?” it’s definitely worth your time to check out the rest of their album. I like listening to it when I’m at home baking. Put the old apron on and pretend I’m a 50s housewife who actually knows how to cook more than breakfast cereal.

Here’s another favorite, “Double Knots.”

If you live in Los Angeles, be sure to call the sitter so you can catch them at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on May 7th for an evening of music dedicated to the late, great Patsy Cline. Or, better yet, bring the kids along for a fun family outing.



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