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The Busy Surrogate

By: Kelly Rummelhart

Kelly's family

I do WAY too much.  People who know me constantly ask how I do it all. Well, the answer is: I have no idea. I am a juggler of sorts and truly think that if I get rid of one or two “balls” that I’m going to drop them all.  But with my teaching gig starting back up this week, I just know that at this point in time, something’s gotta give.

Let me describe all my balls:

I am a wife and mother (my kids are 9, 7, and 4).

I own and work at my children’s boutique, Ruby Q’s.

I am an adjunct instructor at American River College.  (I teach Human Sexuality.)

I just started a surrogacy consulting business, Just the Stork.

I Facebook for Ruby Q’s and myself personally (which includes 2 surro-groups).

I Tweet about surrogacy/personal life and my new surrogacy business.

I blog for The Next Family and at my own blog.

I follow and support other surrogates by reading their blogs and submitting comments.

As you can see, I am one busy lady.  You may be wondering how the hell I pull off being a pregnant surrogate at times.  Well, that’s easy.  I just do everything I usually do, but with some “company”.  Being a surrogate is the easiest of all the things I do and has one of the biggest emotional rewards.  I have very easy pregnancies, which usually include limited morning sickness and minimal complications.  Even when I have issues like swelling, it may look horrible but doesn’t really feel bad.  Heck, even the genetic betrayal that is my wide hips make this part of my life a genetic gift.  I guess it’s all in the way you look at it.

But however I look at it, I know that I’ve got to let something go.  There needs to be a decision to slough off something so that I will be able to do less so I can spend more time with my family . . . but what should that be?

Kelly Rummelhart writes about her experiences as a two-time gestational surrogate for gay couples.  She calls herself a “Uterine Activist” and will be the first to tell you that her uterus is an ally.  Kelly also writes at Just The Stork

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