Interview: Dr. Susan Love and Her Breast Book 20 Years Later

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By: Sarah Toce


Dr. Susan Love has never been cautious to share with the public her thoughts and opinions regarding socialized medicine, controversial mammography practices in the U.S., breast cancer research fallacies, and the history lesbians have carried on their backs since the early days of AIDS. Her “breast cancer bible” book, Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, has just been released in its 5th edition skin (20 years after the 1st edition was printed in 1990). While some things have changed in the past 20 years since the book’s original printing, Love reminds us in this interview that some things have remained the same…and need to be changed.

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is a non-profit venture working to eradicate breast cancer and improve the quality of women’s health through innovative research, education, and advocacy. In addition to The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, Love is a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Former United States President Bill Clinton appointed the highly-accredited doctor to the National Cancer Advisory Board. Love is regarded as the crème-de-le-crème of women’s health specialists in America and is spearheading a new study in conjunction with Avon. She wants you to get involved.

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