Mommy Shower (Party for Mom this Time)

By: Kacie Bernstein

After attending countless baby showers, this weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a mommy shower, and absolutely loved it.  I love nothing more than an adorable onesie and handmade baby blankets, but we sometimes forget about the mom-to-be.  After snacking on scones and sandwiches with the crusts cut off and sipping tea, we went around the room and shared our hopes and wisdom with our dear friend on her upcoming journey into motherhood.

Although we think that we know it all, sometimes it takes a monumental event like this to put everything into perspective.  We were each told to pick a letter, and then choose a word starting with our letter that was meaningful to motherhood.  One of the guests chose the letter J, and her word was judgment, one I never would have considered but am definitely guilty of.  Judgment to her had two meanings: one was to not be critical towards other moms just because their parenting might differ, and the second was to not be judgmental of yourself.  This couldn’t have come at a more fitting time in my life and was such a simple sentiment, but so difficult for me to actualize.  Raising 23-month-old twins can be both equally rewarding and challenging at the same time, and can definitely make you question and second guess every decision you make.  Our kids just want to be loved and most likely will not need therapy later in life if we dropped out of music class or had them watch too much “Olivia” on an extremely difficult day.

Another crazy idea for a lot of us is to love and value ourselves and remember that being a mom is a huge part –but does not completely define –who we are.  We become so consumed by making everyone around us happy that we forget to take care of ourselves, even if it’s a lunch date once a month or having our nails done, we all deserve a little “me” time.  I always hear people saying “A happy wife, a happy life”, and by extension I do believe that a happy mom is an amazing mom!  I have no doubt that my friend will be an amazing mom because she has already surrounded herself with such smart women!



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