Two Dads Adopting: Our Second Match

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By: Christopher Coyne

It felt good.  We were excited, but the nagging voice in the back of our minds would not go away.  The day after we matched with her, she had her first ultrasound.  We were going to have a baby boy!  That news made it easier to digest.  A singleton boy would not be a constant reminder of the pain we had been through.

We matched with the Boise birthmother in September; time ran by really fast, thanks to the holidays.  For Halloween, we dressed up like Brokeback Mountain cowboys and spent the evening on a rooftop bar complaining about our new boots. (I now know why cowboys swagger!)  We had Thanksgiving with my family.  Food, brothers, sisters, and parents filled that day.  Jon was on a project in New York so he was in and out of town and that made time fly.  I flew out to Boise for a doctor’s visit and I heard our son’s heartbeat.  It was a quick visit but totally worth it.  We rented a cabin in Utah for Christmas.  Jon’s whole family flew out and we had a great time with his parents, brothers, their wives, and kids.  We were in the middle of nowhere so that was a little nerve-wracking.  What if something goes wrong? Nothing did!  She called us a couple of times and gave us a few updates.

Our baby boy was growing like crazy and kept his birthmother from sleeping most nights with his kicking.  Her OB was expecting a ten-pound baby! We knew he was going to be a big boy.  We purchased a plane ticket for her to fly to Los Angeles on January 6.  She was going to stay in a furnished apartment a few miles away from us.  Our new, better, involved attorney had an OB lined up for her and she was going to deliver at Cedars Sinai Hospital a few blocks away from our house.

I would love to say we stuck to our plan and did not go shopping until after the baby was delivered, but I would be lying.  One benefit of not partying it up on New Year’s Eve is going shopping and cashing in on the New Year’s morning early-bird sales at Babies R Us!  We were at the door when they opened. We redeemed our huge credit from returning the baby items a few months back.  We knew exactly what we wanted so it was a quick trip.  We loaded the car and went home to assemble all the baby crap we thought we needed.

The shopping was fun!  The assembly sucks.  We spent the rest of the week preparing for our special guest visit. Once we were done we took lots of pictures and sent them off to our Los Angeles-bound baby momma.  She was so excited to see it all in person.  Jon went back to New York and I headed to LAX to pick her up.  On the way to the airport she called me.  Was she early?  No!  She had missed her flight!  Luckily the agent at BOI put her on the same flight the next morning.  The nagging voice kept me up that night.  Will she be on this flight?  What if she changed her mind?



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