After the Births: Visits from Surrogates

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By: Kelly Rummelhart

Kelly's Visits from Surrogate children

My journey as a Surrogate does not end at the birth. I have been lucky to match with four marvelous men who agree that staying connected after their children are born is their desire, too. Like I had posted before, I am not vague in my expectations with communication before, during, and after the birth; IP’s who don’t want to get to know me or my family –or have me in their lives for years to come –are not the match for me.

Some Surrogates are matched with IPs who live in different states or countries. I am fortunate that both sets of my IPs live in California too, so visiting isn’t a huge issue. For us, it’s harder to get work schedules aligned for visits than dealing with travel arrangements. It’s an even bigger bonus that my surro-girlies and their dads live a mere 20 minutes from my in-laws –about 3 hours from me.

Since Natasha and Anjali’s birth, we continue to email, text, and call each other. They send me tons of pictures and videos (which I adore), and allow me to use them to update my personal Surrogacy blog. In the last 2 years, we’ve been able to get together at least every few months. I sometimes forget to bring my camera to our visits. I have also been known to bring it and then get so excited to see everyone that I forget to take pictures but when I do remember, I get “Photo Gold”!


Being able to see the families I helped create is amazing and I do know how lucky I am. Some of my surrogate friends have never seen their surro-babies in person since they left the hospital. Viewing these pictures of my surro-girlies in their first two years makes me excited to go visit my wonder twins (second surrogacy twins). They are four months old and are getting so big. Before I know it, they’ll be celebrating their first birthday . . . guess I better go for a visit and NOT forget my camera!

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