Is She Walking Yet?

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By: Stacey Lewis

May’s a bit older now so people will ask me if she is talking or walking yet. Is she getting into everything? Is she being a little madam?
I try to be gentle in my response, something like, “No, not yet, but I imagine she will soon.” Which is a lie I tell so that I don’t have to comfort other people who feel unnerved by a little girl who can’t speak or walk.
The response they usually give me is “Ah, bless” which loosely translates into “Oh, your poor poor baby and poor poor you” which loosely translates into “Your baby’s life and your life are so sad I want to cry.”
To which I want to say all kinds of things I won’t repeat on this blog because some of my students may read it. (Hi students!)
Recently, because of the pregnancy, the questions have become more specific. Women with glittering eyes and beaming smiles say, “Is your daughter excited about the new baby?”
I don’t have a stock phrase for this yet, but I better get one soon because “No, she doesn’t understand that there is a baby” isn’t going over too well.
Okay, so May isn’t speaking or walking or doing calculus yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we are sad. On the contrary, May is very happy. As are we.
We don’t need to count our blessings. Ah bless and amen to that.
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