Do You Want an Epidural?

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By: Heather Somaini

getting an epidural

Tere really wanted a normal delivery. We both knew the recovery would be much easier for a vaginal birth versus a C-Section and honestly, we just wanted something to go “easy” in this whole process. Dr. C knew what we wanted and ordered a pitocin drip to get Tere’s contractions started. We had watched enough birth shows to know that pitocin was serious stuff. Most women can barely manage through the intense contractions that pitocin produces. Before Dr. C could even ask, Tere demanded an epidural.

We all know about epidurals, don’t we? It was almost 6:00 pm by now and they were starting to prep Tere for the epidural when I realized I needed to go to the airport to pick up my Mom! We had planned my Mom’s arrival exactly to the 35-week mark because we figured that, with all of the complications of our pregnancy, there was no chance Tere would make it past that. Who knew that she would make it to 35 weeks and my Mom would land about an hour after they began the induction?

By this time, Tere was so used to the hospital and knew the nurses so well that she essentially waved me out of the room when I told her my Mom was just about to land at LAX. I know it seems callous of me to leave right at this critical moment but I had so many balls in the air and was wearing so many different hats at the time. I was so determined to be everything I needed to be to everyone but mostly, I knew Tere was in great hands and that bringing my Mom to the hospital to see her would bring her great comfort. My Mom does that. Tere always feels that much better when she’s around and with babies about to arrive, I knew we needed her more than ever.

I rushed out of Cedars as they were about to start the epidural. Tere laughs to this day that the nurse who stood in front of her and held her couldn’t have weighed more than 100 lbs. Tere likes to joke that by the end of the pregnancy, she was so big she had her own zip code. She had a lot of baby in there! Tere kept thinking to herself during the procedure that if she just tipped forward, she’d squoosh that skinny, little nurse like a bug.

My Mom had been on a plane for most of the day so she knew none of what was going on. I picked her up, let her know that the babies were coming, and we went straight to the hospital. I was petrified that I had missed something, as if those babies were going to arrive in an hour! We spent a couple of hours with Tere and started to realize that nothing was happening quickly. We were going to be in for a long night and my Mom was looking tired. I took her home and put her to bed. Now she was sharing our house with my friend Jim Krueger!! I showered and put on clean clothes knowing full well that it could be awhile before I could do that again.

I drove back to Cedars and prepared for the one and only night I stayed over with Tere. She laughed at me as I tried desperately to get comfortable on that silly chair that converts into a bed. We settled in for what was to become a very long night.

Luckily, Tere had lots of company. Sadly for me, they were a loud bunch.

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