There’s a New Baby in Town

The Next Family

By: Stacie Lewis


My daughter May will be a big sister in July! Congratulations May! You have much to teach a younger sibling about bouncing and giggles.

I will admit to a bit of trepidation in telling people. After everything that happened with May and all the challenges we encounter (though rarely from May herself, mainly from the people administrating her care), I keep waiting for someone to say, “What the hell are you doing Stacie?”

So far, it has been unwavering approval.

I find it difficult to believe that people would be entirely approving. After all, the reasons for May’s injuries are still unknown. This child could be disabled much in the same way, or worse. If that is the case, May’s life and ours would be significantly more difficult.

But, most people–and here I include doctors –seem to believe that May’s injuries were unusual in the extreme. At the hospital, I have been placed with the high-risk pregnancy team, but the risk itself is only the tiniest bit higher than any other pregnancy.

For us, I expected more worry, anxious nights, and tension. But instead I find that we are happy. Blissfully happy.

Stacie Lewis writes the blog Mama Lewis and the Amazing Adventures of the Half-Brained Baby.

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