Are We Having a Baby (or Two) Today?

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By: Heather Somaini

ultrasound picture of baby at 34 weeks

Ah, March 7th. We got up early and were at the doctor’s office by 8:00. We were the only ones there. I think Dr. S did the entire procedure by himself – but don’t hold me to that.

I was nervous. So was Tere. I had been told the needle for an amniocentesis is gigantic and the whole procedure is super scary. I had researched it the night before and expected to see the needle on the ultrasound. Sometimes the baby will even try to grab at it.

Nothing. We saw nothing.

We did get one last, amazing ultrasound of our son.

The results would take a while so Dr. S sent us home. I dropped Tere off back at the house and went to work. That week was a little more relaxed than normal because my boss was in Europe for work. I remember wandering through the rest of the day waiting. By this time, I knew to be patient but honestly it was hard. I called Tere often to see if she had heard anything. Each time the answer was the same – no. It was sort of slow motion-like –the calm before the storm. I think of it almost like time slowing down as if stretched like a slingshot in preparation and then let go and sped up at warp speed. It’s fascinating looking back at that day. I had a splattering of meetings all day long and everyone knew I was on pins and needles.

Tere finally called with the amnio results: the baby boy’s lungs were mature. He would be able to breathe on his own if he were born today. Dr. C wanted to induce delivery because of Tere’s mild pre-eclampsia. There was only one problem: they didn’t have an available delivery room at Cedars. No rooms available at one of the largest hospitals in the country? Yep. Strange, but true.

More waiting.

They said they would call when something opened up. I tried to work but honestly my head and heart just weren’t into it. I should have just gone home but I stayed at work. At around 4:00, we finally got the call that a room was available. They highly suggested we not delay our arrival at the hospital as anything can happen. With me at the office in Santa Monica, it could take about an hour in early rush hour traffic to get home and then another 30 plus minutes to get to the hospital. But my dear friend and co-conspirator, Jim Krueger, was at the house and more than happy to take Tere to the hospital. I could meet them there.

Tere had envisioned one of those movie scene trips to the hospital complete with me nervous and rushing all over the place. Now I was meeting her at the hospital while some nice but fairly unknown man drove her in his convertible to Cedars. At least the car was easy to get in and out of since the top was down! Jim had taken three trips to the hospital with his kids with his ex-wife, so I knew Tere was in good hands.

By the time I arrived, they were prepping Tere to have the cerclage removed. We had been joking for 13 weeks that the cerclage was the only thing keeping the babies inside and the minute it was removed, the twins would just fly out. Dr. C removed the cerclage and Tere immediately dilated to 1cm.

We were on our way!

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