The Failed Adoption

The Next Family

By: Chris Coyne

2 dads trying to adopt

The return flight home from New Jersey was a miserable travel experience.  The gate agent wanted to charge us for additional cargo because we were flying with two empty car seats.  Jon’s mother returned the double pack and play she had purchased for us the day of the baby shower.  We put my mom on an earlier flight home but it was delayed and she was still in the terminal when we boarded our flight back to Los Angeles.  We left Jon’s mom at a hotel waiting for his father to arrive on a business trip.  We had lost something in New Jersey.  We had lost our will to ever go through something like this ever again.  We had gone out on a limb.  We thought the return trip would be a moment of celebration.  We had thought this was going to be a happy time but we were going home defeated and beat down by a failed adoption.

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