Are You Ready for your Amnio?

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By: Heather Somaini

Lesbian mom pregnant with twins

Tere was now at home and resting comfortably on our sofa but she was completely obsessed with looking her best on delivery day. So much so that she convinced the doctors to let her have an afternoon of beauty. One of her girlfriends came up and took her for a spa day – she had her nails done, her hair cut, a leisurely lunch. Tere had been saying she felt like she had her own zip code, she was so big. At one point, she leaned on a car for support to step off a curb!

When I got home that night, I took one look at her swollen feet and gasped. They were gigantic. I was petrified that something was about to go terribly wrong and I’m confident I gave her a piece of mind about her bad behavior that day. She swore to me she would keep her feet up and stay in bed from that point forward.

We had an appointment with the perinatologist a couple days later and Tere had been complaining that she thought her blood pressure was higher than normal. I couldn’t believe it; just when we thought we were out of the woods, it looked like –on top of the incompetent cervix and gestational diabetes –she now had pre-eclampsia. I was insistent at the doctor’s office that they check her blood pressure and whatever else they needed to do. Sure enough the protein test came back with mild pre-eclampsia.

Our regular perinatologist, Dr. P, was out of town probably speaking at a conference in Switzerland or something so Dr. S was taking care of us. He said that he wanted to talk to our regular OB/GYN and see if she agreed that we should induce. Dr. C gave the thumbs up. The only thing they all wanted to be sure of was that the babies’ lungs were mature. Since we were having a boy and a girl, they were most worried about Baby B – the boy. For whatever reason, baby boys’ lungs take longer to develop than a girl’s.

I was in shock over what he said next – we had to do an amniocentesis. The dreaded procedure we pretty much refused to do early on because of the risks. Dr. S reassured us that at this stage, almost 35 weeks, it was a much different procedure, especially since Baby B was positioned very well for it. Since it was the end of the day on a Tuesday, Dr. S wanted to do the procedure first thing the next morning so we agreed to be back in super early for the big needle.

We went home and decided that, since life was probably about to change dramatically and because the lottery was pretty high, we should go for a drive. If I never give you another bit of advice, please listen to this: never take a 35-week pregnant woman to a 7-11 the night before anything. Tere demanded I allow her to have the largest Slurpee made to go along with her lottery tickets. She was pretty happy.

By the way, it was March 6th. Do you remember what date Tere had up on her vision board at the hospital?

March 7.

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