Jim Krueger Has Arrived

By: Heather Somaini

wine and cheese

Jim Krueger arrived in Los Angeles one day in January that year. A magnificent man you can only hope to meet one day. I met him a number of months earlier in Atlanta at a film conference. While everyone else was politically correct and saying all the things they thought they should say, Jim was saying the things I was thinking and believing. Out of a room full of people, he was the one person I wanted to meet and listen to.

That evening while everyone else was out watching and discussing movies, I spent the evening with Jim and a filmmaker friend of his drinking wine and snacking on cheese at our little boutique hotel. Jim told the most hysterical and outrageous stories. Wine and cheese hour turned into multiple hours and when we offered the hotel manager some of the pizza we had delivered, he brought out more wine! A lasting friendship was sealed that evening.

When Jim moved to Los Angeles a few months later, he reached out immediately. I was spending all my time at the hospital so he came over to visit. He was literally staying on some guy’s couch over an hour outside of LA. I was barely sleeping in our four-bedroom house and told him he had to come stay with us – well, me.

Jim was a huge help. He actually put a few perishable items in the refrigerator. He helped me install a new garage door opener. Just because we had to hire a professional to finish it…well.

I wanted to introduce Jim to some of our favorite things in LA – I like thinking that Tere and I are awesome ambassadors to our favorite city. Unfortunately, I tried to do it all in one night. First we picked up pizza from Cheebo and frozen yoghurt from Pinkberry (Tere’s faves) and headed over to Cedars. Tere was ecstatic – not only did she have pizza and frozen yoghurt but she also had someone witty and charming to entertain her. Jim took to his new job with gusto and we proceeded to polish off a bottle of wine with our pizza. I know for a fact that we thought we were hysterically funny that night. I’m sure Tere did not feel the same. On our way home very late that night, we drove through In-N-Out on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, which is always a scene on Saturday night. Wine, pizza, Pinkberry and then burgers, fries and shakes!?!?!? Oye!

The best thing about Jim staying at the house was I knew he would be there when Tere came home – most likely before she went into labor. And that’s exactly what happened. At 34 weeks, the doctors finally sent her home. She was on modified bed rest but I was so relieved Jim was there most days just in case anything happened or Tere needed anything.
But it wouldn’t be too long before life heated up again and Jim was about to play a big part in it!

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