Interview: Chely Wright Speaks Candidly

By: Sarah Toce

out lesbian country singer

Country music singer/songwriter and out-lesbian Chely Wright chatted exclusively with The Seattle Lesbian’s Sarah Toce to discuss the timely topics of bullying, suicide, Congress, God, and the ever-interesting Gay Pride celebration. The interview will make you laugh and, at times, possibly cry. Wright holds nothing back in this interview and TSL loves her for it. We know you will, too.

TSL: How is everything going for you, Ms. Chely?

CW: I’m busy as, you know, I tend to be! I’ve been doing book tours, a couple of shows, public speaking, writing songs, and staying busy.

TSL: I am sure you’ve heard about all of the recent teen gay suicides. What are your thoughts on all of it?

CW: Well, gosh…I mean, obviously those of us in the LGBT community know that this is not a new issue. The recent tragedies are highlighting something that’s been going on in our community for so long. If I were to say that there was an upside to what’s happening – which is really a stretch to glean an upside to all of this – it would be that we now have the national media’s attention and, with that, we are able to speak to America. I don’t think there is a person irrespective of a religious viewpoint or a cultural viewpoint who could look at what is going on and make the determination that any young person should be hanging themselves or jumping off of a bridge for any reason whatsoever and that is what is moving the chain forward in the discussion. Now, it’s awful. I mean, it’s just absolutely awful that young people are still feeling marginalized, but this doesn’t shock me.

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