Val Guin and the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

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By: Kate West

The Seattle Lesbian

Val Guin is a therapeutic body worker whose goal isn’t just to relieve pain, but also to figure out what is dysfunctioning so it can be repaired. She has over 30 years’ of mind and body experience and has attended some of the most prestigious wellness and holistic health organizations, like IPSB, Emperor’s College, Yo San University, Energenesis Institute, and the Kinesiology Institute.  Val has also been an instructor for over 25 years at the renowned Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing and is a founding member of the Santa Monica Center of Healing Arts. She developed and perfected the Forearm Dance massage technique, which you’ll read about in the interview below. I had a lovely chat with Ms. Guin and I hope you’ll follow her recommendations for a healthier life.

Read the full interview here: The Seattle Lesbian

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