Hawaii Series: Visiting Oahu

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What to take:

The plans were complete, however the packing was not! Being a person who hates to be caught unprepared, I packed all of those just-in-case items –you know, just in case I’d need them. When it’s 36 degrees in Seattle, it’s difficult to even imagine what 80 degrees feels like, so of course my REI Wheely Beast was jam-packed with anything I might need for sun, rain, wind, heat, cold, or comfort.  I would come to regret this later, so my advice for those who have not yet made the journey: pack light, but don’t forget your sunglasses, sunscreen and chargers.  If you enjoy the water, you are likely to spend most of your time in swimwear.  Not to worry, if you forgot something you can probably find it at the ABC Store.  You can find them on nearly every block.


Let’s talk about flights. Nobody wants to arrive in Hawaii after dark; somehow it feels like you’ve already wasted a day of your trip. Which is precisely why taking the 6am flight and arriving by noon in Honolulu makes sense. That being said, rising at 3am and hitting the road to the airport by 4am is a difficult thing, not to mention that asking for a ride to the airport really tests a relationship, so pay a driver.  I usually prefer non-stop flights, but made an agreement with myself that this would be a trip that had a low impact on my savings account.  The connection through San Francisco was tolerable, and upgrading to economy-plus seats for extra leg room from San Francisco to Honolulu made the trip much more comfortable. Using air miles and making at least one stop will help to reduce the cost of your trip if you can handle sitting the extra hour or so.  Don’t forget to bring a book/kindle/ipad/ipod on the flight to help pass the time, and earplugs if you are bothered by the sound of chatter or screaming children.

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