Mom and Mama Put Together a Toddler Bed

By: Brandy Black

toddler in a toddler bed

At 2 years 11 months, Sophia moved to a toddler bed or, as we like to call it, The Big Girl Bed (BGB).  We let her watch “Tinkerbell”, her new favorite movie, while we put it together in her room. Surprisingly, transforming the crib to a bed was very simple for us tool neophytes. We called her in when the bed was ready and she came running around the corner only to stop at the doorway and then take two steps backward.  We coaxed her over by way of bribery; Mickey Mouse in the bed did the trick.  She slowly crawled up to him and then began rolling around like a cat with catnip in her new BGB. She wouldn’t leave the bed for over an hour, she even turned down the movie that we had been planning on all afternoon, just so she could hang out in bed with her animals.  She oohed and awed as we made the changing table a dresser and shifted things around.  She has graduated from all of the baby stuff to a little girl.  She slept perfectly sound in her bed and in the morning, rather than coming into our bedroom, like I expected, she called out from her bed for us to come get her.  It is as if she thinks once she’s in the bed, she shouldn’t get out without us.  I can’t say I mind this at the moment because I was prepared to find her playing with her toys at 2AM but it’s quite the contrary; she associates the bed as a place to sleep and so far, that she does.  I have learned my lesson to never assume that any stage is over because it’s ever-changing with a toddler but for now, we have tackled yet another major milestone.

Now that I have checked potty training and toddler bed off the list, the next one will be a challenge.  Obi Wan Kenobi as we like to call him, Sophia’s pacifier, has been with us since the beginning when her tiny little fingers could barely wrap themselves around the little stuffed animal attached to it.  Susan and I have been debating over this for a year now, Susan begging me to yank this crutch from Sophia and me coming up with every excuse in the book to prolong the pain.  We finally agreed at 3 years old, it is time to say good-bye to this precious friend.  I dread the day.  I have no idea how any of us will take this sorrowful farewell but until then, I will cherish the final moments of our little, pink, dirty Obi Wan Kenobi One and embrace the final days of Sophia’s babyhood.

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