Such a Gift

By: Heather Somaini
Same-sex parent continues the story of her partner’s very complicated pregnancy including a surgical procedure to keep their twins from arriving too soon.

So there we were in the middle of December with Tere in the hospital and me pulling down 12-hour days at the office. Now that’s not to say that Tere was lying around in the hospital, watching Oprah and eating bonbons. In fact, her office sent over a laptop and she worked from the hospital. It’s sort of amazing that Cedars-Sinai is equipped with a wireless network for patients who are there long-term. I’m not sure if it’s on every floor but they must have decided that pregnant women imprisoned to bed for almost 24-hours a day should not be denied shopping online or celebrity gossip reading. Maybe the thought of lots of hormonal, anxious moms-to-be without their internet was too much. Or maybe the overly stressed out dads-to-be begged the hospital to give their wives something to do. I’m not sure but it was a godsend.

Tere is overly dedicated to her work. I suppose that’s why we fit well together. She completely understood why my 12-hour days kept on while she was in the hospital. She also understood that I would be there every night as soon as I was done. I’m lucky that Tere is very social and quickly made friends with all of the nurses. They were always coming in to chat and keep her company when she had free time.

On that Tuesday in December, she had been in the hospital for four days and today was the day the cerclage procedure would take place. They told Tere that as soon as the doctors were ready and a room was available, they would get her in. She couldn’t eat anything until after the surgical procedure was finished so as the day dragged on, she became…hungry.

I was at work waiting for the word to rush over to the hospital. Tick tock. I worked away while the phone sat not ringing. Tere finally called with a bit of desperation in her voice. It was probably 3 o’clock and there was a change in the air. You see, Cedars brings freshly baked, chocolate chip cookies to the MFCU unit every day. That lovely aroma wafted through the halls and into the patients’ rooms every afternoon. Tere was ravenous by the time those cookies came around. She all but yelled at the woman not to come into her room with them. All she wanted to do was freebase a cookie wrapper!

A little bit later on, they finally got her into an operating room and knocked her out. Thank goodness. The procedure went off without a hitch and I arrived just in time for them to wheel her back into her room. She was a little groggy but very happy she could eat something. I think I brought her something exciting like soup.

Now all we had to do was wait a few days to see if the cerclage would work. It had to. Was there really any other choice? At 22 weeks, the twins barely weighed a pound and weren’t much longer than my hand. They were not ready for primetime!

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