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By: Kacie Bernstein

My husband and I had a brilliant idea to have a slumber party with our kids.  It was mainly selfish on our part, every night we watch them sleep and they look so angelic and peaceful.  We never realized how quickly the baby phase would go and wish that we would have taken advantage of the days when they wouldn’t resist cuddle time.  We had a great day and were trying to get them SO excited for the big sleepover!  We decided that we might not really sleep in their room all night but at least until they fell asleep.  We took them out to dinner, and then came home for bath time.  We sat on the couch and read books while we watched Yo Gabba Gabba…our favorite show!  It was finally time and we were so excited…maybe a little too excited.  I took the comforter from our bed and they looked at me like I was crazy.  We turned off the lights and to our dismay no one wanted to cuddle; they were actually really upset and wanted us out of their room.

We were so sad and disappointed and realized that our genius plan was anything but.  It was an extremely bittersweet moment, what happened to our little babies? How did they grow up so quickly and become so independent?  It’s comforting to know that they love their room and their big boy/girl beds, but sometimes it’s moments like those that make you wish you could hold on just a little bit longer.  If this makes me so sad, what am I going to do when they both go off to college?

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