The Final Update On Potty Training

By: Brandy Black

We have been potty training for a little over a month now and I hesitate to say this because you never know when things can change, but I think we’re through the rough parts. After the two-week mark, things got surprisingly easier. Sophia really started to get it and we just got back from a trip to Seattle in which there were no accidents the entire time. Oftentimes she won’t even tell us when she needs to go, she just does it all on her own. Pretty impressive. The two big hurdles that we have not cleared yet are pooping and ridding ourselves of the pull-ups at night and nap. The pull-up situation is not a concern for me because I have heard from many that those stay at night for quite a while, although if anyone has any advice on that topic, I’ll gladly take it. As for pooping, I have no idea what to do about this. It seems that she waits until she’s in her pull-ups, in her crib, to poop and have you ever changed a poopy pull-up? It’s really challenging and there have been many unpleasant moments in this area, including one with poor grandma while Susan and I were out on a date. We have been talking to Sophia about her potential concerns with pooping on the toilet and I keep equating her worries to mine after giving birth. You birth moms may relate to this, remember how long you waited to go #2? I must have held out for days, I was so sore and swollen down there and peeing was enough for me and than having to spray yourself with that squirt bottle and the Bactine spray, do any of you remember this? No one warned me how terrible that would be, I could barely walk for almost a week but I dreaded the bathroom and moaned and groaned all the way through it. So when I imagine Sophia mustering up the courage to poo on the potty, I have compassion thinking of the time that I too avoided the task. After much coaxing over the holiday she released a turd about the size of a small bead and she was so very proud, we passed the potty around the room so that everyone could celebrate. Truthfully, I would have rejoiced in that feat too!

So, we travel with fewer undies in my purse, only one back-up outfit rather than 3, and have crossed another tremendous milestone with our daughter.

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