Pack This

By: Susan Howard

Heading out on your holiday vacation? It’s easy to make excuses to skip workouts, pig out, and crumble into a drunken stupor.

Not this time! I am going to give you a few good reasons to keep up your routine and a great full body workout that you can pack in your suitcase.

A few tips to save you from making party fouls:

1.  Eat a chicken sandwich before you go to a party, that way you won’t be super hungry and make a bunch of unconscious food choices.  Then go ahead and enjoy a treat or two.

2.  With every cocktail, have a glass of water. Staying hydrated is very important, especially for the endurance drinker.

3.  Stay away from the punch, oftentimes it’s mixed with super sugary juice.  Stick with red wine or vodka and soda.

4.  Make yourself the designated driver, that way when you only have one and cut yourself off early you have an excuse, you’re not a party pooper, just safe.


Downward Dog, marching slowly through your legs

Cat and Cow, 5 breaths

Plank Pose with leg lifts, 10 on each side

Swimmers –from your stomach, lift opposite arm and opposite leg, 30 reps back and forth

Cannonball –with arms at sides, reach your finger tips toward your heels and extend your back and legs up, hold

10 push ups

25 crunches, knees to elbows

Rest for 1 minute then repeat 2 more times through.

Now put those holiday cookies aside already!

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