Green Bean Casserole – Love and Pride

Green Bean Casserole

By: Amy Wise

Flashback to the holidays of 1993…Jamie and I had been married for a few months and we were going to our first “married holiday” at his sister’s house. His sister asked me to bring a dish to share with everyone and I was so excited to be bringing something to the family dinner. I was a little nervous because it was our first holiday as a married couple with his family. I decided to bring the staple dish that I had grown up with…green bean casserole with french onions on top. You all know it, you all love it, you’ve all had it…right!? Yes, no, maybe so?
Well we got to his sister’s house and I proudly brought in my green bean casserole. I set it on the table, took off the foil, and waited for everyone to dig in. After we said a prayer everyone started to dish up all their food from the table…everything but my casserole that is. So I thought, hmmm, why is nobody eating my green bean casserole? This is a favorite at my house…what’s up? I was starting to get a little hurt as everyone dished up and walked right by my beans! Whatever…I proudly filled my plate and ate those beans up! Apparently black folk don’t like green bean casserole. Who knew?

The funny thing is, after that holiday meal, I was given the task of bringing the rolls and the soda. Yes you heard me…rolls and soda…pretty impossible to screw up, right? My green bean casserole has been the holiday funny ever since. Good thing I have a good sense of humor! At first it really hurt my feelings, but now I can look back and laugh. Flash forward, and after all these years I’ve actually “graduated” to cooking entire meals again…minus the green bean casserole of course!

One more thing to adjust to in a mixed marriage…getting used to each other’s traditions, big and small. When we celebrate at my family’s house during the holidays you better believe I ‘m going to eat some green bean casserole!

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