Alone With Twins!

The Next Family

By: Kacie Bernstein

I joined a twins mommy and me class when my babies were just 3 months old.  The class was weekly, and I would make my mom come with me, how could I possibly do it alone?  Little did I know, life was much easier then…ok, maybe not much easier, but my babies would eat, sleep, poop, and of course cry!  I was terrified, what if they cried at the same time…during class, both needed their diapers changed and worst of all, cried during our 12 minute drive home?!  After about five or six weeks, my mom did the unspeakable: she made me go to class alone.  How could she do that to me? I needed her help, did she not realize that I had TWO babies?  She came over that afternoon and helped me feed them, change their diapers, and then walked us to the car.  I asked her a few more times to come with and she said that I needed to do it myself.  My heart raced the whole way to class, still in complete disbelief that my MOM would abandon me!!

I finally got there and somehow managed the one hour class ALL ALONE!  It would be months later, once they were walking, that I would wish someone else were there to help me.  The drive home was much sweeter that day. I did it all by myself –what an amazing feeling.  I finally understood the cruel but very important lesson that my mom was trying to teach me, and it worked.  I am a much better mom because of it and have a lot more confidence.  That being said, there are still activities that I will not do alone (the park and doctor to name a few), and trust me, when my husband isn’t around my mom is the first person that I call!

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