One Step Forward, Two Steps Back–Potty Training Continues…

By: Brandy Black

The potty training took a turn for the worse these last couple days.  My daughter seems to understand that she needs to go, she will say it and two seconds later, pee all over the ground while screaming, “Clean me up, I have to pee, I’m wet, mama help please!”

It’s frustrating for both of us.  How can I help her?  What can I say to her to explain?  I strip her clothes off. “It was just an accident, next time you’ll try to make it to the potty, it’s OK baby.”

This has happened a couple times but yesterday was the worst.  We were in the car and she fell asleep on the way back from the store. I let her sleep and sat watching her, thinking, writing, listening to music, until she abruptly woke up.

“I want out of the car mama.”

“Ok, baby, you’re up. Hi! Ok, let me come get you.”

I picked her up and got a handful of poop –but not just poop, diarrhea — all over me.  I screamed, I don’t know why…that’s the worst thing you could do with a toddler. She then started screaming.  We went in the house, it’s now all over her dress, my dress, the floor, the dog is trying to eat it, she’s yelling and I’m screaming inside while trying to remain as calm as humanly possible and wondering why Susan isn’t here to experience this nightmare with me.  We got everything settled; I gave her milk and put her in front of the TV so that I could go out and assess the car seat situation.  It was a disaster, poop all over the seat.  I began to strip the cover off the seat only to find out that you have to completely take apart the entire car seat to get the cover off.  This is the very reason that I will never ever recommend a Maxi Cosi car seat.  Susan had warned me of this before but I never had to do it on my own and was frankly convinced she was doing something wrong.  There is no way someone would make a car seat that was that un-kid-friendly.  Well they did.  I broke down in tears, it all became bigger than me in that moment and I remembered the many friends who said “Don’t get too cocky, potty training isn’t over yet.”

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