To Travel Or Not To Travel While Pregnant

By: Heather Somaini

We were 17 weeks pregnant and moving through all the normal markers.  Everything was great.  Tere started that new job at the end of October.  She had her normal levels of stress with a new job but she was happy.  The new company had real estate holdings all over California and she was off visiting those sites and offices from time to time.  There were lots of new things on the horizon.

In early November, Dr. P did a thorough ultrasound and everything was looking good.  The babies were almost identical in size, weight and heart rate.  Both babies were breech with Baby A on the left and Baby B on the right almost like they were facing each other.  And best of all, we now knew that Baby A was a girl and Baby B was a boy.  It felt sort of astonishing that we were having boy/girl twins especially when we were sort of expecting two boys.  From there on out, I always remembered which was which by saying “Baby B stands for B”!

We even travelled up to San Francisco a few days later for my nephew’s baptism.  Little Aidan who spent a week in the NICU when he was born was now a roly poly butterball.  Since we were able to see almost my entire family while we were up in San Francisco, we decided to stay home for Thanksgiving and cross our fingers for Christmas.  I had convinced my entire family to go to my parents’ house for the Christmas holiday only to find out that Tere was going to be right on the edge of a travel moratorium.  The doctors don’t really want you travelling, especially on a plane, after about the 25th week of pregnancy unless everything is going perfectly.  And we had a lot of potential issues that could keep us grounded.  Dr. C promised to check and tell us in early December if we could travel or not.

On the Monday after Thanksgiving, Tere had a planned trip up to her company’s Bakersfield office to meet with the employees there.  Since she had a two hour freeway drive, I could see her gearing up to ask me if she could take my brand new Prius with carpool lane stickers and amazing gas mileage.  I beat her to the punch and just offered it up.  Anyways, that meant I could drive her Mercedes convertible for the day!

That Monday seemed fairly ordinary.  Work was cranking along and Tere’s meetings went well.  She called around 5:00p to let me know she was about to start on her way home.  About an hour later, my office line rang.  It was Tere.  She sounded calm but I was confused.  Why wasn’t she on the road?  She was about to clear things up.

“Heather, I’m ok but there’s been a car accident.  I’m at a hospital in Bakersfield…..”

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