Traveling With Twins

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By: Kacie Bernstein

Traveling with twins – or perhaps children in general -is never fun!  My in-laws live on the east coast and we travel there twice a year. Our first trip was when my children were 14 weeks old.  We had no idea what to expect, and being a person that doesn’t enjoy flying, it seemed like a terrible idea.  It must have been pure insanity that allowed me to agree to a five-hour flight with 14-week-old twins, or possibly it was the idea that I might get some alone time once we got there.  I packed enough formula for 6 bottles each, it might have been even more, but sadly I have already forgotten.  Not to mention the 20 diapers I packed and still do for every flight we take.  What if the flight is delayed -do you really want to be unprepared with infant twins?  We were able to use miles for our first flight and flew first class; we loved it, but definitely got nasty looks from others sitting nearby.  Looking back, it was probably our best flight to date; they basically slept and ate the entire time.  We have since traveled with them at 8, 15 and 20 months.

As the babies have gotten older the flights have become more anxiety-filled and our carry-on luggage is now jammed with copious amounts of snacks and tons of activities.  My husband thinks I am crazy for bringing so much stuff, but once again, what if the plane is delayed or we are stuck on the runway?  It’s a little embarrassing to say, but I bring enough food to provide everyone with snacks!  The rule on the plane is that there are NO rules, they can consume as much food as they want and watch Yo Gabba Gabba until the DVD player runs out of battery (our battery lasts for 7 hours)!  We try our best to keep the kids in their seat and not to bother others around us.  We have managed four successful cross-country roundtrip flights and know there are many more in our future and can only hope it gets easier from here…is that just wishful thinking??

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