Not a Statistic

By: Kacie Bernstein

During my first appointment with my OB after finding out I was pregnant with twins, it became very clear that there would be a scheduled C-Section. Unlike most people, I actually feared having a C-Section more than natural child birth. Due to pre-term contractions, I switched to a high-risk OB at 24 weeks. My first question: “will I need a C-Section?” His reply: “Why, do you want one”? I was shocked; was there actually a chance that I wouldn’t have surgery like every other mom of multiples? I knew all the risks and complications, and was very fearful that I might need an emergency C-Section if Baby B did not cooperate.

At 36 weeks, my contractions felt more intense. My water never broke but I was scared, so we went to the hospital–but first we watched Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice…it was Thursday night! It was a false alarm, but the babies’ heart rates began to dip and spike and I was strongly advised to not leave the hospital. My amazing OB was in Europe during all of this, but was in contact with the doctors on duty. Finally, during my 3rd day in the hospital, they decided to induce, in the hopes that my doctor would be back in time. The contractions started immediately and the epidural was on its way. We somehow found out that the high risk on-call doctor would only perform a C-Section. I didn’t have a birth plan and was willing to do whatever was necessary to have two healthy children, but at the same time, I felt that I at least deserved a chance to see this through. I asked that they take me off Pitocin so we could wait.

The next day my doctor was back, and we started the Pitocin once again. The following day there was still no progress so he broke my water and the epidural was ordered. A few hours later it was time and I freaked out, tears and all! My delivery was in the OR just in case a C-Section would need to happen. There were about 30 people in the delivery room, it was quite the party. Apparently, a twin vaginal birth was not so common at our hospital and everyone wanted to watch. I forgot to mention that I had been on modified bed rest for 13 weeks and had not attended ANY birthing classes. Right before delivery, my mom and the nurse gave me a very brief, two-minute tutorial on how to breathe and push. 45 minutes later my son and daughter were born, and the only stitches involved were, unfortunately, for my second-degree tear.

I am so grateful everyday for my amazing doctor who didn’t make me a statistic. I understand that vaginal births are not always possible, and at the end of the day, the babies’ health always comes first. However, I also believe in being your own advocate and standing up for what you believe in. My twins were born at 36 weeks and 5 days, and both came home with us two days later!


[Photo Credit: Serendipity Photography]

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