Star Student

The Next Family

By: Joey Uva

This one is for Grace, for our Star Student.  Here’s the story, what Grace decided to do, the adventures, and what we sat down and journaled together.

Last Friday when I picked up Grace after work she was accompanied by a basket with Marley and Mikah Meerkat.  There was also a binder with instructions and pages to journal in.  Grace was the Star Student for the week and got to bring Marley and Mikah home with her for a week of adventures.   Grace’s kindergarten class is the Mango Meerkats.  I read the instructions to Grace to make sure we knew what we could do and what must be followed.  The Meerkats were not to be near food, not kicked around and had to travel in their basket but could be taken on any adventures Grace wanted.

Highlights from Grace’s weekend adventures with Marley and Mikah:

Congratulations to our daughter, our Star Student!

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