Rock Star: Supernova

By: Heather Somaini

I know you’re wondering about the title of this blog. What in the world could that have to do with being pregnant? Well, not much. But it is a funny story.

About a week after our first awesome ultrasound, my friend Meryl from work asked if Tere and I would like to go see a taping of Rock Star: Supernova. She knew we were big fans of the first season, Rock Star: INXS . One of our favorite contestants of the first season, Jordis Unga, covered David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold the World” which became an instant hit for us. But I digress…

So on August 20th, off we went to CBS Studios to watch the taping. I had made it very clear to Meryl that since Tere was pregnant and having the worst morning sickness EVER, there was a chance we would bail part way through and go home. The soundstage was set up to resemble a music venue with a stage for the contestants and the audience as concert-goers standing in a big crowd.

I really didn’t think this whole “standing in a crowd of people” thing was a good idea for Tere and I spoke to her at length about it. She reassured me that she was fine and really wanted to see the show. So we stood…and watched. And then we stood and watched some more. I suddenly started to realize that I hadn’t really eaten anything that day and I wasn’t feeling very well.

I got a little hot and started to worry. You see, I have a tiny bit of claustrophobia and I’m not really fond of crowds. I think that, combined with the lack of food in my system, sent my blood sugar very low. I started to sweat. Why was the studio so HOT? They opened the big doors and let everyone hang out for an extended break. I finally got some air and hung out on the loading dock. I felt better.

They rounded us all up and sent us back in to the studio for the next segment. As soon as the doors closed, it started up again. I was getting dizzy and my stomach was terribly upset. Tere, on the other hand, was totally fine. I was terribly embarrassed that I was the one that was a mess. I was supposed to be taking care of her! I ended up moving to the edge of the crowd and eventually couldn’t even stand up. I was hunched down on the floor with my head between my legs. Soooo embarrassing.

At the next break, I sprinted for the door. Tere and Meryl wandered around behind me trying to make sure I didn’t pass out. We found a curtained-off VIP section with a television and snuck in. There weren’t that many people and so we just acted like we knew what we were doing and watched the rest of the taping on the TV. I was glad for the seat and the space but very sad that everyone else missed the live
experience of the show. Needless to say, Meryl never offered to get us tickets again!

About a week later, we had another ultrasound. I think the embryos look like cats. What are we really supposed to see anyway? This time we got to hear two tiny heartbeats. That was pretty awesome.

It was the first of many that would stop my heart cold every time. You never get used to that.

If you have never seen Jordis Unga perform “The Man Who Sold the World”, check it out here: . AMAZING!

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