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This morning on The View the girls jumped into a heated debate about the voting process in NYC. Elizabeth was angry that you do not have to show proof of i.d. to vote. She said she has to show i.d. for movies, but not to vote. That’s when the temperature started to rise.

Barb changed the topic to teen entertainer Demi Lovato entering a treatment center.
While Barbara was describing the situation, Elizabeth threw in her two cents’ and interrupted her (like they all do to one another). Next, Elizabeth’s earring accidentally fell off. Barbara made the snarky comment, “See! Your earring’s falling off because you interrupted me!”

A monotone Elizabeth shot back, “Sorry. It’s contagious at this table today.” Okay. Barb’s face fell. She turned to the audience and her jaws literally dropped. I love Barbra, but she looked 90 years old at that moment. Clear shock. Elizabeth smirked. Hey, if you can dish it out? This one will be on You Tube by the time you read this! Barbara made a quick recovery and asked Elizabeth about her daughter Gracie and all was well…Meowness!

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