How I Met Your Father

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By: Chris Coyne

Relationships are tough. The end of a relationship can be even tougher. That is how I ended up at the Abbey for the second (or maybe even third) weekend in a row. I was fresh out of a relationship with an unemployed actor wannabe that left me feeling very used and a bit abused. My good friend Jason lulled me out of the house on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to have lunch at the Abbey. We had a warm chicken salad and a world famous wildberry martini served in a tall pint glass. If the salad does not make you feel warm then the huge drink was sure to do the job. Like most drinkers I get very social after a little liquid courage. I do not recall exactly what Jason and I were talking about but we were leaning against a railing and I was staring face-to-face with the same guy from the previous week. He was alone this time and he was trying really hard to get my attention. I was so excited to see him but I put on my best “I do not care about anything Hollywood” face.

It was a little intimidating. After our eyes met again I kept looking away until he finally said hello. As you know his name was (is) Jon and he was (is) so freaking hot. Not just physically but his confidence was radiating. His smile was contagious and we made the best eye contact when we were chatting.

I was hooked. After chatting a few hours I knew so much about him. I was a bit worried because he was deep in the closet. This was the second time he had ever been to a gay bar. That made me a bit sad because my last bf was a closet case and that did not end well. Jon had traveled all over the world. He was really close to his family and he told me about all three of his brothers’ wives and their kids too. Like me, he is really close to his mother. I was so into him. It was impossible for me to hide it. I knew he was in the same place because his grin grew by the moment.

We set up a date for the next weekend –to go do something outdoors. I was so excited to go hang out with someone I had a connection with. Outdoors? Really?

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