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By: Amy Wise

With all the seriousness that is wrapped around race, this week I thought I would lighten it up a bit.

One of the reasons that Jamie and I have lasted as long as we have is because we love to have fun and we love to laugh! Even better, we like to make each other laugh by poking fun at each other. Only in a nice way of course…well, most of the time. You gotta be able to laugh, right? Otherwise, what’s the point? One of the ways we make each other giggle is by having very silly nicknames for each other and using them often. Now of course, because we are an interracial couple the names we give each other pretty much relate to that. Our nicknames have just become part of our daily conversations and they always make us smile.

Our silliness in a nutshell:

Jamie’s names for me depending on the day…

Snow Bunny (he uses this one a lot!)
White Woman
Crazy White Woman (some days that’s just how I roll)
White Chocolate
Vanilla Ice
Patty Hearst (this one just makes me laugh)
Light Bright
Sunshine (cute)
Lily White A$$ (really depending on the day and the mood….now, now get your mind out of the gutter!)

My names for Jamie (also depending on the day and of course my mood!)…

Big Sexy Hunk O’ Chocolate (my favorite and I use it often)
Hot Chocolate
Black Maaaaan (remember, from Designing Women?)
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Deliciousness (Mhmm)
Big Bald Black Man
Big Daddy (He is known as this)
Big Black A$$ (as in, get your B.B.A. in here! Tee hee)

So that pretty much covers it. Goofy nicknames for goofy people. That’s us! I hope you got a little smile or maybe even a giggle out of our silliness. Now I’m off to see what my Big Sexy Hunk O’ Chocolate is up to!

Amy Wise is a Writer in San Diego.
You can read more at The Many Shades Of Love

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