What If The Tables Were Turned?

The Next Family

By: Tom Butts

I support my Democratic party; I’ve been consistent with my voting record. I am very proud of my part and of the President’s accomplishments –with one exception: “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.

Today, President Obama requested a stay in overturning the antiquated practice of having our troops “lie” if they happen to be gay or lesbian. He’s a coward. Here are some of the countries that don’t allow gays to serve openly in the military (I’d say we’re in good company): North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Syria…

And to top it off, today is Wear Purple Day. Mr. President, you picked a bad day to do this.

What if the tables were turned? Seriously. I’m America’s first openly gay president. I’d stated, during my election campaign, that I want black people allowed in the military and yet, when the courts say it amounts to prejudice and unequal treatment, I push to keep the current policy in place until the decision can be done through congress.

Oh, and did I mention, it just happens to be Martin Luther King Day?

I’m not this person.

I believe in equal treatment of all people.

Mr. President, as I stated above, you made a cowardly decision.

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