Across A Crowded Room

The Next Family

By: Chris Coyne

Our eyes met a week before we did. It happened across a very crowded Abbey on Fourth of July weekend. It was a Friday night and everyone was out. I was out with my roommate Jason and we made a couple fruit loops around the bar. We pushed and pulled through the large crowd of martini-spilling queens, beer-drinking, Abercrombie and Fitch-wearing actor wanna-be’s, and their favorite fat girl fruit flies. It was extra crowded due to the holiday weekend and there was standing room only. The Abbey is a great bar because there is a never-ending stream of people wandering about aimlessly. On a busy holiday weekend it can look like a herd of cattle being rounded up for slaughter.

We found a place to stand close to the door but far away from the reality of standing in a growing line at any other bar in West Hollywood. My friend Jason was cracking jokes about the little statue of a bald monk we were leaning against. All I knew was we looked better standing next to a little bald man.

We had a spot for a few moments and I was facing the gate where droves of people were lined up to get into the Abbey. We watched as more and more people entered the bar. It seemed like the bar was at full capacity when I noticed a guy walking in with a small group of people. Our eyes locked and he grinned at me. I had to look away for a second because it was uncomfortable and weird. When I looked up again he was gone.

I made my buddy Jason follow me around the bar for a couple more laps but I could not find the guy. There was something about him that I had to figure out. He was so confident in himself I could tell. I also knew he was interested in me by the way he smiled at me. It was really hard to meet people in West Hollywood but I was willing to search someone out. The job was halfway done!

I finally tracked down his small group of friends after a lap or two around the bar. I asked them where he was and they told me he might have left. Oh well! Belly to the bar to drink an oversized free drink from my favorite hot bartender.

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