Along Came CJ

By: Chris Coyne

My name is Christopher, and I feel like the luckiest guy alive. I share my life with my amazing partner Jon. We have been together seven crazy years. He is a business consultant, and I am an artist. Jon spends his time trying to fix corporate America’s problems, and I paint to deal with the problems society faces. I like to say Jon is a PC, and I am a Mac.

Over the past five years I have racked up over 100k frequent flyer miles. Prior to meeting Jon I hated traveling and loathed airplanes. Jon encourages me to do things I would never have considered. I have tried interesting foods, hiked tall mountains, camped under the stars with bears, rafted down alligator-infested rivers in Costa Rica, and now I am a dad. Before Jon, fatherhood seemed elusive, if not impossible. Now, it’s our reality. It took four years of hard work and waiting, but nine months ago we finally realized our dream. We watched our baby boy enter this world. We named him Christopher Jon after ourselves. We call him “CJ” for short.

The road to parenthood was long and arduous and filled with incredible highs and seemingly impossible lows. But somehow we made it. Now we spend our time trying to crack the code of parenthood. Before CJ we loved to host dinner parties with close friends, drink wine and chat about politics, education, and solving the world’s problems. Now we are in bed by eight o’clock, drink lots of coffee and chat about baby poop, bottles, and naps. Life has taken a remarkable change.

I am a stay-at-home dad and spend every waking hour with CJ. My life is hard yet rewarding at the same time. I love CJ more than I could have imagined. He challenges my patience daily, yet I love everything about him. I am obsessed with his chubby cheeks, thunder thighs, and contagious smile. Not a day goes by that I don’t look him in the eyes and feel blessed that his birthmother chose us to parent.

If not for the love and support of my partner Jon, our amazing family, and great friends, we would not have made it through the adoption process. It took four years for me to become a dad. Yet on a rainy evening last January my life changed in an instant. CJ was born, and I was a father. I had no idea how dramatically my life would change. I had no idea how difficult or rewarding fatherhood would be. I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

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