Brad and Angie

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There have been a lot of rumors lately surrounding Brad Pitt and his wandering eye. Star Magazine reported last month that a 22 year-old private flight attendant/model/slut allegedly slept with Brad on a flight. She claims Brad was all over her and she has her regulars. “They get so excited when they cheat! It turns me on because I’m able to give them what they lack,” she said. Really? A proud hooker.

Brad is currently filming Moneyball, is constantly surrounded by hot chicks, and Angie isn’t happy about it. Especially when a young, hot extra/calendar girl named Amanda Gist tweets “@WesMFNAndrews Haha! No need for jealousy….aside from my time spent with Brad Pitt.” In Touch Weekly claims “Angie is beside herself.” She should be. Remember how Brad and Angelina met?? I think they were FILMING A MOVIE together called Mr.& Mrs. Smith.

Angelina supposedly “calls Brad all day long, and won’t leave him alone. It’s like she doesn’t want to give him any free time to stray.” That works. In Touch says that “she’s even resorted to asking his bodyguards about his on-set behavior.” Apparently the bodyguards are loyal to Brad and they don’t say a peep. Smart guys. I give “Brangelina” five months!

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