Quote From the Hubby…..”Relationships Have No Color”

By: Amy Wise

I asked my husband the following question today:  “What does being in an interracial relationship mean to you?”  His answer was what I hope will be everyone’s answer one day.  He said, “I’m not in an interracial relationship, black relationship, white relationship, black and white relationship; I’m just in a relationship.”  He also said, “I don’t label our relationship because relationships have no color.  Why does everyone feel they need to put people in a category?”

It’s interesting to hear him say this, especially when I write about our interracial marriage and family each and every week, and back in the day he is the one that suggested I write about us!  However, when it comes down to his bottom line and his heart, our marriage is just a marriage, and I love that!

Our relationship might not be the norm today but with time and open minds, relationships will eventually have no color, no gender, no nothin’ but love! Why does it need to be any other way?  Simple, right?

Amy Wise is a writer in San Diego.

You can read more onwww.themanyshadesoflove.blogspot.com

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