The Next Family

By: Brandy Black

The Next Family

Our one-year anniversary was very special to me.  What do you get for someone you’ve loved for so long on this monumental day?  We never followed the “rules” so this left us in a place of having to be creative with our gifts.  I stressed for weeks over what would make that first year special. After all of that worry, now I can’t even remember what I chose for Susan but I will always remember what she gave me.  A book.  Something so simple that brought me to tears that said everything in one tiny $20.00 gift.  I had been begging to start the process of having children; I began pushing before the wedding had even happened.  I wanted Susan to know I was ready when she was and like most things in our life, she sat back and listened but didn’t say much.  She reminded me that I’m always two steps ahead and I should wait for the right time in our lives.  This gift of hers, this simple book that I would have ordinarily hurled right back at her upon realizing it was only a BOOK was the most incredible gift I had laid eyes on.  It was a baby book.

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