Family First

By: Amy Wise

Sometimes as a parent…wait, let me re-phrase that…a lot of times, as a parent, we have things we would love to do, but our kids’ “things” come first. Before you read this and say, “well duh, that’s what we’re supposed to do as parents,” I couldn’t agree more! However, we all know there are times we wish that we were sipping a glass of wine with a friend instead of sitting in an audience watching our kids dressed like trees, ballerinas, or elves. It’s okay you can admit it. I do. I can also say that I have never missed any of our daughter’s events. Not in her sixteen years has there been a recital, play, musical, festival, etc. where I was not in the audience cheering her on. I always say, “It’s easy to be a bad parent, and oh so hard to be a good one.” It’s a lot of work…but totally worth it though! Right!? Right.

This past weekend was a perfect example of “kid stuff” coming first. The Next Family one-year anniversary party at the Hollywood Tower was held the same night as our daughter’s homecoming dance. I soooooo wanted to go to the party and meet all the other wonderful writers on The Next Family, but I would never, not in a million years, miss our daughter’s big night! I heard that the Next Fam party was amazing and the people even more so. No surprise…they are awesome online, so I knew they would be even more fabulous in person! Am I sad that I didn’t get to go? Of course. I have “met” some amazing people through this wonderful site, and hope to meet even more…in person that is!!

Regardless, I wouldn’t have traded our daughter’s excitement for a million dollars…and trust me I could use that right now! She looked beautiful, she had a smile from ear to ear, her friends were all there, and her night was great! What more could a parent ask for?

So for this year’s Next Family event, I had to live vicariously through the facebook posts! At least it felt a little like I was there! For now, I will just have to look forward to next year, because no matter what, and I know you all feel the same way, even though none of us are perfect parents (who would want to be?)…it always has to be family first!

Amy Wise is a Writer in San Diego.
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