Stuck – Love and Pride


By: Danny Thomas

My blog is a week overdue

I am stuck


I cant figure out what to write about

So much is happening

Almost too much

And yet I find myself wanting the future to come sooner.

I am ready for this transition to be over…

Still, I know that it’s all just one big transition,

That the whole of life is transitory.

I am restless, listless, staying awake at night worrying about all kinds of things, real and imagined.

I am ready for the next phase – this feels like stasis…
Soon the girls will be in school, part time, mind you…

But “away” none the less.

We will all be better off for this…

The girls need a break from their parents, and each other – they need more stimulation and socialization.

And I need some time to myself, an occasionally empty house…

We’ll slowly settle into a schedule –

The girls and I spending some time together, some time apart.

Jen at work and rehearsal.

Lil’ Chaos recently said to me, while getting out of the car, stretching, “Sometimes I feel like giants are moving my body…”

I just nodded.

I know exactly what she means.

Except I feel like the giants are sitting on my chest.

As a side note – friends, lets shift the paradigm – rape is not a “women’s issue”, it’s a people issue.

I am terrified for my daughters. We need to educate ourselves as a culture and fix this.

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