Just A Dream, Maybe?

The Next Family

By: Joey Uva

Have you ever had a dream that really hits you hard? That gives you chills? That makes you think?

Trevor, my partner, lost his mother to cancer over eleven years ago. Trevor and I have had conversations about his mother –what she was like, who she was as a person, how much he adored her. He has mentioned to me how much he misses her and wishes she could see his life today because he knows how happy she would be for him. He says his mother Caroline would have really loved Grace.

Well, about a year ago I woke up around 3am, crying from a dream. I was in a living room. It was dark and I was standing over a hospital bed talking with Trevor’s mother in her last days. In our dream conversation she said to me, “Trevor is a great dad. I see him with her. Please let him know that for me.” That was the last part of the dream I remembered when I woke up crying. I shared my dream with Trevor the next day, describing the details of what I could remember. Trevor started to cry, as he never told me about the last days. Trevor’s mother’s last days were spent in her living room, curtains drawn, in a hospital bed where she passed away with Trevor, his dad, brother, and family by her side.

The next part got to me all over again. A few days later I was giving Grace a bath on a Friday night and she was asking questions about my mother and father when she stopped in the middle of the conversation. She said, “Papa, have I ever met Papa T’s mama?” I said, “No honey, his mama died many years ago.” Grace then said, “Do you think she would have liked me?” I said, “Yes, I know she would have liked you very much!” Trevor was around the corner in our bedroom; he heard Grace’s question and when I saw his face, I could tell another emotional arrow had just hit him.

Sometimes I wonder: when things like this happen, are they just coincidence? Or, is there something greater trying to tell us that everything will be alright, that life goes on but doesn’t go unnoticed? I still think about that dream today. Was it just a dream, maybe?

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